I am Matt Sabo - freelance brand and product designer

Design is more than what you can see. Well-made designs are based on research and strategy.


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I love building entire brands from just an idea and being involved in the journey of the business from the very start. It's important for me to work with ethical businesses.

I believe that a brand should not be created, but discovered. Every business has the values and qualities within itself that can be transformed into a brand. A brand is more than a logo or a colour palette. Every identity is based on a well-thought-out brand strategy.

I design mobile apps and software with human-centred designs in mind. Good designs are based on good research because you need to know who you are designing for and the ways they think. Seeing the whole picture is the only way to create good digital products.

The design of a business website can go in many directions. It’s important to know what the purpose of the website is and what information you need to provide to your consumers to achieve that.