Varionit is a backend developer team that creates logistical and internal systems for medium and large corporations. It is important for them to hand over well-documented, organized codes to their customers.

A well-recognizable symbol for both developers and customers.

The logo is based on an entirely unique font. However, this on its own would not be enough. 
If we rotate the capitalized letter ‘V’ at the beginning together with the slash on top of it, we get a developer tag: </.
These symbols are quite common in multiple programming languages while also recognizable for outsiders, letting them know it is a tech company they are looking at. 

It's all about developing.

Most development software uses monotype fonts, which is why we chose one for the design.

Even if it's on print they should know how digital your company is.

It was important that the print also shows the developer impression we were aiming for. Every piece of information is labeled in a way as if you were reading code. The main problem was that it became quite overwhelming quickly, therefore we created a hierarchy using different colors and thicknesses for the letters.

Show me your workflow and I'll tell you the kind of person you are.

In most cases, the website is the first line of contact for the company. As they specialized in long-term projects, we needed to figure out how they would gain the trust of their potential customers, while at the same time filter out the ones who are not looking for the services they provide.
We put great effort into illustrating the kind of workflow they use, while still maintaining the visual identity of the company.

A weboldal tartalmi részében nagy szerepet kapott a márkastratégia során kialakított egyedi attribútumok. A teljes egyedi munkamódszeren kívül az ügyfél előre láthatja, hogy milyen minőség ellenőrzéseken fog végig menni a kód.