Tipptour is a travel agency that in the last couple of years moved more online. The goal was to create a brand that doesn’t necessarily offer the cheapest options, but rather the best kind of customer service for which customers go back year after year.

What you feel is hidden in the details.

During logo design, important aspects were readability and smaller size. A typographic logo proved to be the ideal choice, although there was also a need for a unique icon – we modified the letter ‘t’ to resemble an airplane.

Illustrations. Illustrations everywhere.

In order to create a likable brand, we need all uniqueness we can get. We used illustrations to achieve this special impression in multiple aspects of the design.

We were not satisfied with ready-made icon sets.

For Tipptour, a special icon set was created that uses its own grid system. Its special visual element is the yellow line tieing all elements of the brand together. 

A design system created with everything in mind.

For the website, we built a design system based on the ‘atomic design’ method. The company later wishes to include more forms of travel, so we made the design easily expandable.