I solve branding and digital problems

The goal is to make sure the companies work as well as possible. 


I believe that a brand should not be created, but discovered, because every business has values and qualities within itself that can be transformed into a brand. A brand is more than a logo or a colour palette. Every identity is based on a well-thought-out brand strategy.

Web design

The design of a business website can go in many directions. It’s important to know what the purpose of the website is and what information you need to provide to your consumers to achieve that.

Product design

I design mobile apps and sofware with human-centred design in mind. Good design is based on good research because you need to know who you are designing for and how they think. Seeing the whole picture is the only way to create good digital products.

I don't just create beautiful logos, I solve business problems.

If you're just starting now

Every company starting out needs brand goals, an identity, and a visual language that can communicate these well. We have to explore the potential in the brand and show it to customers. 

If you'd like to change something

Sometimes brands get worn out. It can become necessary to find a new way that attract new target groups. We can find the brand’s new place in this world.

If something changed

When you cannot lead the market, you have to adapt. The customers’ behaviours are changing from year to year.  We have to move forward with the world. 

If something doesn't work

When an enterprise gets stuck, they tend to wait for for a miracle from marketing. Lots of times that can be in vain because they don’t see the problem that runs very deep – in the branding itself.