Tipptour – Travel agency with easier user flow

Tipptour is a travel agency that became more accessible and active online in recent years.  The goal was to create a brand that doesn’t necessarily offer the cheapest options, but rather the best kind of customer service for which customers go back year after year. 

Logo design

Brand design



Andrea Lender (illustrator)

Máté Kádár (graphic designer)

Local business goes to online

The original office has reached the local groups already and wanted to improve. Tipptour had a big market benefit: a unique booking system. 

We wanted to build a brand that is friendlier than other global travel agencies and airlines. Tipptour’s persona is like a trustful friend who gives the best tips for the holidays. We used many illustrations so we can give a better feeling and experience during choosing and booking a holiday.

The mark of a good logo: a hidden secret

The brand wants to open up to other ways of travelling but the motif of an airplane is the most common when it comes to travel, so we wanted to build it into our logo. Final we left out the icon and made a typographic logo. We modified the first “t” which became a silhouette of an airplane. Afterwards we followed the brand’s strategy and personality, so we chose a playful font for it and for the identity.

Illustration everywhere

When we chose the colours we payed attention that the brand meets the WCAAG standard and is also accessible. The whole identity based on the illustration and the basic elements like font, colours and gradients. Because of it we had to make memorable and uniq combinations of these

An unique icon system

For the Tipptour we designed an icon set with 70+ elements. The logo designs biggest challenge is make a coherent system that the users can link eacht other without the information that these are in one collection. We needed an element that make connection. Beyond the grid system, the stroke weight and the color, a couple of icons got a line. 

Product research

Before the design we have reviewed the competitors. We would like to design a simplier product. Less function more focus. We can keep the users in the platform because the own software so we do not need to send them to different website of the airline company like a couple of competitors. 

Focused on default users

We would like to build a simple process with few steps. Our slogan was “less function more focus”. We had to choose perfect defaults and hide the other settings. According the business goal more sale is more important than higher basket value so we build a simple and fast user flow.

This user flow is suitable to buy on the mobile. We have payed attention for the process will be clear and easy usable on smaller screens. We left all of the not necessary elements, closed all cards and took focus on the important information.

The design system

We had to build a whole UI kit that is prepared to the future supplements. When we design a system the goal is it is usable without designers help. We pay a lot of time and research because it is an expensive process but this way is more cheaper then we make patches again and again. 

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