Puppy Preducation

Puppy Preducatuion is a dog training school focused on training puppies using the ‘Mirror Method’. Playfulness and discipline are both important factors for them, however, they both have their own time and place.

Every dog is different, the final brand has to give off this message.

To make sure every trainer and owner gets to see a symbol that best resembles their dog, the Puppy Preducation brand was designed to be a dynamic one. 
The same grid system was used to design multiple logos of dogs in different poses. This grid ensures that the style and ratio are the same between each one.

The font has its own spirit as well.

The font chosen for the brand is able to convey the values of the brand on its own. Archia is a kind of font that works well with the rigidness of the icon but has a playfulness to it due to its rounded shape too.